take a leap of faith

The “1” of 108: Conceive It – A Leap of Faith

Take back your power after divorce and create the life you truly desire. Start with ONE step at a time, see yourself a year from now fully THRIVING! Take a leap of faith now and move forward.


No one gets married to divorce, but ultimately, souls grow apart and it happens. The ONE thing you can do is know you will survive (and you can still have an amazing life). There is nothing anyone can say that can diminish the hurt and sorrow but the ONE thing to do is have faith that this anguish does pass. Timelines are different for each person as to when it passes, but the ultimate healing comes when forgiveness is welcome into your heart and remember that it is okay to feel your feelings. And having faith is taking a leap of faith, forging ahead without certainty. This may sound like ONE thing you cannot feel at this time and quite frankly cannot imagine ever feeling depending on your story. 


The desire to want to move forward is how I believe you found me here. I can help you breakthrough to a lifestyle change that frees you of past wounds, scars, shame and guilt. Maybe you feel free of those chains that bind you already, but if you truly were, you would be in an ULTRA loving and beautiful soul-soul relationship right now. So if you are not in that kind of relationship right now, consider what you are not doing to move forward. Are you taking risks, exploring new items, and taking small leaps of faith forward? If not, you might want to consider what can push you to the relationship you truly want. You can also consider meeting new people, setting dates, or reading a book that helps heals the hurt (click here for my free book to heal the hurt).


You are ONE unique and amazing soul that came here to love and be loved. Whether you see the value in this gift of your loving heart fully is up to you. 


Ask yourself: 


Am I living my BEST life right now?


Am I open to receive and give love for the rest of my days in this life?


Am I ready to take a leap of faith and find even MORE joy on the daily?




If you feel excited to make your life full of bliss, then take this ONE coaching program to heart and watch miracles happen.


Your soul awaits. Just take that leap of faith.


What are YOU waiting for?




taking a leap of faith

by Monica Fernandi | October 2020

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  1. Andrea

    May men and women grow and feel empowered and happy with their continued life’s with the help of friends family and the awakened soulmate empowerment journey!! Onward to all…to seize the life ahead…to continue your journey, either single or with your soulmate!!


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