Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m Monica!

My story, like your story, is unique and one of a kind, as are you. You and I have that much in common, and probably more!

My Story

Have you been living life day to day, month to month, year to year and, BAM! Suddenly find yourself a ‘grown-up’ looking back at the years that have flown by and feeling like time is running out to fulfill your dreams and your “bucket list” ?

I totally get it! As a mother of 3, I know what it’s like to be caught up in the whirlwind of child rearing while also balancing work, marriage and trying to keep my soul happy and my body healthy while running full speed ahead on the ‘treadmill of life.’

Then, just when my kids were reaching independence, BAM! My parents needed me to step in and become their caregivers. Nevertheless, I keep smiling, laughing and maintaining an attitude of gratitude in all I do … because life is just too short to do otherwise.

The top 3 stressors in a person’s life are death, divorce and moving. I went through all three in a span of less than 18 months. Throughout that time, I had to dig deep within myself to connect with my God-given strengths – mental, spiritual, and physical.

I strengthened my inner resilience muscles, along with biceps, triceps, quadriceps and more. Too often, we compare ourselves to others and allow our passions and inner sparks to dwindle and die simply because we are afraid to FLY.

Life can bring us down if we let it … but I am here to tell you it is YOUR TIME TO RISE & SHINE! Wake up each day to an amazing life. Fast forward to the present and my gratitude for you finding me here!

Today I am a divorced yet re-married, independent woman who is stronger than ever, loving life as it happens and looking forward to the journey ahead, but remembering to be here in the present. 

It is never too late to create your best self, RIGHT NOW! You can:

  • Finally feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Be free to speak your heart without feelings of self-doubt.
  • Be open to what your soul’s purpose is to love again, to be loved again. 

I can be your tour guide while you drive your own vehicle, make your own decisions and yet grow through all the challenges along the way. <

Let your path be one with laughter while you work, gratitude to be able to do what you do, and willingness to find joy in it all.

No matter what life has thrown at you, let’s catch it, learn to juggle with it, and embrace your inner warrior. Love this life as much as you can and let the present be your true gift to you.

Whether you feel the need to learn a new skill, finish a project, begin a new relationship, build a bigger bicep, finally tackle that yoga pose you never thought you could do, or trust life as it unfolds, I am here to accompany you and guide you as you take the next steps!<

We are on this journey together and we shall soar to new heights, lifting each other’s spirits along the way. Are you ready to be your best you yet and prosper in all you do? Book your free clarity call with me today and let’s boost that beautiful soul of yours.

XO, Monica



Conceive It

Take back your power after divorce and create the life you truly desire. Start with ONE step at a time, see yourself a year from now, fully thriving!


Believe It

Open your mind and your heart to your potential. You can do hard things that create a more loving and stronger you.


Achieve It

Take action daily.

Reaching a new level of infinite possibilities in love, career and health begins now.

“When I began working with Monica 7 years ago I had no idea the depth of growth I would find using her 108 methodology. The wholeness I have found has brought peace and tranquillity in those times I felt down or overcome with negative thoughts. The 108 practice has helped me strengthen myself by smoothing any rough edges in my thoughts. I have learned to be more open and accepting of what is, therefore increasing my overall wellness at a deeper level” – Kathi

 “After a trip out to Sedona, Arizona for a spiritual retreat, I found Monica and began to connect the dots between physical, mental and emotional health. As a government contractor in an executive level position, the need for early retirement after some physical health challenges was imminent. Since working with Monica and implementing her 108 Method daily, I am stronger in physical, mental and spiritual ways thanks to starting my days with a positive word. My whole outlook on life and overall strength has improved which has rippled out into my love of photography and life itself.”  -Beth

“Practicing the 108 method during my work with Monica has reminded me how to set myself free from my ego to have truly meaningful connections with others. I’ve especially found solace in this philosophy when having disagreements with my spouse. I’ve found that, when I let go of my ego’s need to be right, having conversations through love rather than opinions or facts, there is
more common ground between us than there are differences. We are able to recognize our
common goal as a team rather than two opposing forces.” – Megan

“I really enjoyed coaching with Monica! She is a breath of fresh air who encouraged me to go deeper in evaluating my soul and my heart’s desire. The homework was thought provoking and goal oriented. She focused on what I wanted to accomplish and helped me to also pay attention to what my body was experiencing and telling me. I would definitely recommend investing in yourself with Monica as your life coach!”