The “0” of 108: Believe It

by Monica Fernandi | October 2020

Believe it-mindfulness is key.

What if I told you there that you have everything you need right now, how would that make you feel? Doubtful? Anxious? At ease?  The constant chase we all get involved in whether to find a mate or to keep our bills paid daily has us feeling like a hamster spinning a wheel, right?

 What if you found out your life is coming to an end within 6 months to a year? Feeling scared, anxious, not at ease? What is on your “bucket list” that needs a jolt to complete? What are you waiting for to make your life  happen?

First of all, you must choose whether to believe what I said in the first sentence is true. Secondly, letting all the feelings flow through you based on the belief is necessary to move to the next step of taking action-acceptance.

The thoughts in your mind create your reality. If you THINK you need to have a soulmate and you don’t, your emotions and your actions will reflect that and you will do your darnedest to make it a reality.

If you THINK you need to be a certain way in order to have success in love, financials or life itself, your emotions will go into overdrive if we are NOT where we think we should be.

What you think about, your beliefs, expands. It is the law of the cosmos, of the universe, of attraction.

In our work together we review your current belief systems and dive into retraining your thoughts in order to reach the goals your soul came here to do. Have faith-it WILL happen!




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