27 Ways to a More Vibrant YOU!

by Monica Fernandi | February 2019

Ok friends…truth or myth: We can adopt new habits in 21 days.

There are a lot of sources that claims this to be truth and all sorts of articles and  programs that may use this approach for success. However from my personal research, it seems to be a myth. This claim first began with a doctor by the name of Maxwell Maltz who noticed his patients changing for the better in about 21 days. His theory took off back in 1960, and over time more research has shown it is not an exact time that makes the change, but the dedication, repetition and most importantly, the determination. Whether one wants to adapt a new habit or release one that does not serve them, the simple diligence, repetition and mindset is what is needed to get the ball rolling.

Simple for one may not be so simple for another, and that I believe to be true! However, in my experience the easier something is, the more I tend to navigate my way through. Aren’t we all led down many rabbit holes as we embark on a new website? The Baby-Boomer in me chooses the path of least resistance because otherwise, I may just walk down a different trail.

Ok so here is what I propose: take the next 27 days and do these simple actions  until you feel the most energetic and vibrant.  The steps are simple; but the results may differ. For the purpose of space and time, I am giving you tools to do each day for 27 days, call it a month. For more detailed information you can pre-order my e-book coming out this Spring which will have a more in-depth look at this simple method that can give you a feeling that others may say..”OMG, what is SHE on..?”

Be diligent and dedicated. Be determined and awakened. From the moment you decide change needs to happen, apply these actions daily and you will absolutely grow a new healthier you!

7 action items to do daily for 27 days:

  1. Before getting out of bed each morning, take some deep stretches with deep breaths.
  2. Before looking at a phone screen or computer screen, look into another soul’s eyes.
  3. Stand tall, if able to, and breathe in a deep breath of gratitude for another day. Breathe gratitude into God or Divinity or what works for you.
  4. Choose a positive word and breathe it in then send it out.
  5. Find a view with trees, the sky, birds or nature and take deep breaths while looking and listening, feeling and smelling. Senses awaken!
  6. Begin each day with 108 deep breaths into meditation. Journal what comes to you during that meditation.
  7. Do 108 abs-27 upper abs, 27 right obliques, 27 left obliques and 27 reverse crunches. This takes less than 10 minutes yet great strength lingers and sculpts a 6 pack with determination and good form!
    • Instructions: While on the floor, cradle hands behind head and lift shoulders up keeping elbows out. Make back flat and legs straight for 1st set, knees bent to the right 2nd set, left 3rd set and lift bottom up with knees slightly bend for 4th set.


Be open to a new found energy along with some clarity and lots of peace. By adapting to these actions daily you may find a tough decision you’ve been dealing with suddenly make sense. You may be driven to reconnect with a long lost friend or finally get rid of those piles of papers. Perhaps your skin will look younger and your body feel so alive like never before. This routine doesn’t mention water or nutrition, but that will reflect this inner work as your body and mind start syncing in JOY!

The bottom line is change can happen. New habits can form and old ways that no longer work can be set free. You are a beautiful and radiant soul! Together we can all shine even brighter and find wellness with this inner work. Start now and claim a zest for life beyond your wildest dreams…whether it takes 27 days or 108 days, this mindset doesn’t cost a dime but will give your life value for years on end.



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