Change your thoughts-transform your life!

Coach with me.

Learn how to unveil reboot your (long overdue passions for life) desires and take action on your life’s dream by immersing yourself in the programs I offer below:

Awakened Soulmate 1:1 Coaching Program: Six Months

  • ~6 months
  • 4 60-minute sessions monthly
  • 24 sessions total

Dive into your soul’s alignment with this most effective, highly acclaimed offer for your best results. Unwavering encouragement with personal action plans each session to keep you accountable in your growth. Month by month and session by session, you will come away with wins and work-on’s pertaining to habits, thoughts, circumstances, relationships, community work and more. Reach goals you never thought you’d achieve as you shift your perspective and discover a new you.

The Roundtable Group Coaching Experience

This 2x month virtual group is a membership that gives your voice a chance to be heard, be seen and be validated. Join anytime and apply the quarterly lessons that are based on effective spiritual books I have applied to my own life challenges through the decades. Click HERE for more information and to grab your seat today.

NEW session coming soon!!! Stay tuned!

The Treasure Mapping Experience

Typically done at the end or beginning of the year to carve out your soul’s desires ahead, this 90 minute 1:1 coaching with me will open your eyes to giving your time to what truly matters and letting go of what takes your invaluable time away. Think goal setting – boarding with a creative twist: YOU get to create your own Island! You get a printable 23 page workbook with inquiries, guided exercises and even a prayer or too so that you get your results; your “Sunken Treasure” that will fuel your joy and happiness full speed ahead. Begin when you are ready and let this experience give you a taste of the amazing adventures and your true potential ahead.

Make Change Happen

The online course that is forever yours.

If you have been feeling that you are not where you are “supposed” to be in your life right now, that your gut says one thing but your brain says something else, then this course is for you.  Maybe coaching 1:1 is new to you, but you are really curious? This is for you if you have been wanting to make a change either in your weight or your marriage and could use a mentor to keep you accountable along the way. With six modules complete with videos I coach you, plus simple exercises to guide you toward success! Take it once, twice or every year to re-boot your soul’s alignment and improve your overall wellbeing. Take this course and watch paths ahead become clear! Click below to start your journey today.

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”

~W. Clement Stone