Explore the World, Open Your Presence

Yoga/Wellness Retreat 2023

Join Us!

April 14-19, 2023

The Lodge at
El Dorado Nature Reserve

Sierra de Santa Marta, Colombia

Eliminate Procrastination

Your Retreat Experience includes the following:

Arrive Friday, April 14th in the afternoon to check into your Coquihab; check out on Wednesday, April 19th.


  • 5 nights double occupancy in private Coquihab with private bathroom.
  • Dinner Friday evening (4/14); 3 healthy meals per day Saturday-Tuesday; breakfast Wednesday morning (4/19). Snacks/coffee/tea also provided daily.
  • Transfer from/return to Santa Marta Airport.

Explore Nature

  • Yoga/meditation daily (9 total offerings) with a variety of levels and styles based on attendance.
  • Guided bird walk/hike in the rainforest.
  • Quiet time in the most amazing songbird location in the world.
  • Music/chanting offerings at night.
  • Journal/vision board workshop.
  • Your copy of Open Your Presence by Monica Fernandi.

Beautiful Colombia

Read more about the Lodge at El Dorado Nature Reserve in Sierra de Santa Marta, Columbia:

Your Schedule

Arrive Friday evening: Dinner and welcome.

Each Day

7:30am – 8:45am Easy Yoga Flow with Guided Meditation
9:00am Breakfast
12:00pm Lunch
2:00pm – 4:00pm Afternoon Workshops (details below): choose one or all, or simply read and relax on your own as you enjoy the Sierra Nevada mountain views
5:00pm Happy Hour Yoga: A bit more energy in this Kundalini style class.
6:30pm Dinner

Plenty of private time between sessions!

Workshops offered:

  • Calm in Chaos-Using the book, Open Your Presence to begin your inner work.
  • Journaling & Affirmations: Your how-to cope in times of uncertainty
  • Vision boarding 101-see the life of your dreams & make it happen.
  • Guided meditation for complete relaxation-yoga nidra
  • Walking meditation-head to toe peace as your feet kiss Mother Earth with this guided experience.

What to expect on the menu:

Healthy fruit indigenous to the rainforest to include fresh mangoes, grains high in protein, fresh vegetables, home made soups and breads and more.

If there is a dietary restriction, please let us know. The best Colombian coffee offered daily; tea also available.

Saturday Special Event:

Guided walk to “La Laguna” a sacred site for some indigenous tribes that inhabit the area and where they can find some of the endemic birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book my own flight?
  • Yes. Expedia/Copa Airline is the best plan. Layovers typically in Panama City
Should I get insurance for my flight?
  • Yes. Insurance is suggested.
Do I need a passport or visa?
  • Passport is needed. No visa.
Do I need to exchange money?
  • You can choose to get dollars converted to pesos and your local bank, the airport in the US, or in Santa Marta.
Do I need any vaccinations?
  • Covid vaccination card needed
What should I bring?
  • Yoga mats, blocks, and straps will be provided. Bring comfortable clothes, walking shoes, and a light jacket.
Are there mosquitoes?
  • At 6000 feet above the Caribbean sea, there are no mosquitoes
What is the average temperature in April?
  • You can expect possible highs of 80 when the sun comes out, and lows in the 40’s at night. Typically rain comes in and leaves quickly this time of year. Bring variety of clothing and sneakers will suffice for the walking trails.
What if I want a private Coquihab?
  • This is possible and price will reflect that.
Is there Wifi/Television?
  • Wifi is limited yet available. No televisions as the nature channel here is the best entertainment!
Can I pay in installments?

Why Colombia?

According to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia ranks first in bird and orchid species. It is the second country in the world with the greatest wealth of plants, amphibians, butterflies, and freshwater fish. In addition, it holds the third position in several species of palms and reptiles and the fourth place in mammals. It houses strategic ecosystems of biodiversity, which protect the natural and cultural heritage, guaranteeing the supply of essential environmental goods and services for the development of the country.

ProAves Foundation’s mission is to protect Colombian biodiversity across research activities, urgent conservation actions, community outreach, education, and local sustainable development initiatives in harmony with nature.

This important work is essential for the sustainability of our ProAves Reserves, which are dedicated to conserving and protecting more than 70% of recorded bird species in Colombia.

El Dorado ProAves Reserve temple for the conservation of endemic species and biodiversity where you can live one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, in this sanctuary where we protect the home of hundreds of species of fauna and flora, you will connect with nature walking along its paths full of magic and pure air, you will enjoy under the symphony of the singing of birds and a cup of aromatic coffee from the Sierra, majestic sunrises and sunsets, where the mountains, the snow-capped peaks, and the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta come together with the clouds and the sky, making them unique in the world.

From my heart to yours:

My own experience in Santa Marta/El dorado Reserve in November 2022 is the reason I am spearheading this once-in-a-lifetime event for a limited number of participants that are ready to be immersed in a rare find for a wellness retreat.

After flying from D.C. to Panama City for a layover and then a short flight from there to Santa Marta, I knew the exciting adventure ahead would keep a smile both on my face and in my heart forever. I also knew I would return with my own yoga & wellness group to include a limited number of participants that will feel fully alive and in love with their life after attending this retreat. Not only does the unique landscape offer a deep connection to this amazing planet, but knowing the indeginous people here teach us the invaluable lesson of what truly matters in life-living with gratitude on this amazing planet.

While many travel to Costa Rica or Mexico to find connection to their soul, this venue is a gem that will soon be a regular retreat location. Guaranteed. Don’t wait for another opportunity to soar above the clouds with me so that you feel truly connected to your soul and to Mother Earth. These prices will not last.

This experience will lift your spirits and provide you with true awe, wonder and direction for your life you as you view both the Caribean sea below and the snow capped Sierra Mountains in the distance above. No where else in the world can you have that experience. Whether you are re-booting your heart, unwinding from life’s challenges or you are rebuilding your empty nest and recreating your life’s purpose, this event will provide you with the tools you need to find your truth, your clarity, your presence. I cannot wait to share it with you!



Double Occupancy Rate: $2,297

Single Occupancy Rate: $2,797

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Monica Fernandi is the creator of The Awakened Soulmate Coaching program that has helped hundreds of women go from uncertainty to confidence so that they know they are on the right path. The tools she created helped her take big action on her life so that she finally overcame life obstacles that caused her to put off her big dreams until the age of 50. After investing in therapy and coaching and finally taking action toward her soul’s mission, Monica is passionate about helping you accomplish your dream-whether to find that soul mate or write that book. Time is not promised to us-it is what you do with your time right now that matters. Take action-start living a life you are in love with today.

“I’ve been working with Monica since September 2021. She helps you get to the crutch and leash of whatever is holding you back in your life. She reminds you of who you are and the limitless possibilities that are within your grasp to attain. She assists you in setting and reaching your goals. She encourages you even if there are setbacks and emphasizes how it’s ok, just get up, brush it off and move forward. She’s so inspirational and truly cares about you and your success. I’m truly blessed to have Monica in my corner.”

– Janet

“Coaching each week with Monica leaves me feeling like a woman on a mission! Using new ideas and unique strategies, she has definitely shifted  my perspective from communication skills to envisioning my next soulmate. My self discovery journey continues to open my mind and try new things so that there is a new found excitement almost every day. I feel everyone needs a life coach and the investment in accountability with Monica is an essential part of my life. Just when you may think you are not capable of reaching a goal whether to meet another mate or change a career, Monica reminds you to reignite your inner spark and desires so that you let your light be seen.”


“I really enjoyed coaching with Monica! She is a breath of fresh air who encouraged me to go deeper in evaluating my soul and my heart’s desire. The homework was thought provoking and goal oriented. She focused on what I wanted to accomplish and helped me to also pay attention to what my body was experiencing and telling me. I would definitely recommend investing in yourself with Monica as your life coach!” 

– Dawn

“Coaching with Monica has changed my life in wonderful ways. She has helped me gain clarity in my mindset so that I can have freedom to live with more confidence and open my heart to to new possibilities in my career and relationships. I am happier, more productive, and healthier. I engage in more self-care practices including yoga and nutritious meals along with mindful eating. Monica lit a spark in my inner being and helped to awaken my soul. We continue to work together as the new discoveries allow me to realize I am one-step closer to attracting my ideal soulmate. Just when you think you are stuck in your story, Monica helps you realize the next chapter can be FULL of adventure. I totally recommend coaching with Monica as her personalized programming will help you achieve what is on your heart to accomplish. I am grateful for her positive influence.”

– Evelyn

“When I began working with Monica 7 years ago I had no idea the depth of growth I would find using her 108 methodology. The wholeness I have found has brought peace and tranquillity in those times I felt down or overcome with negative thoughts. The 108 practice has helped me strengthen myself by smoothing any rough edges in my thoughts. I have learned to be more open and accepting of what is, therefore increasing my overall wellness at a deeper level”

– Kathi

“After a trip out to Sedona, Arizona for a spiritual retreat, I found Monica and began to connect the dots between physical, mental and emotional health. As a government contractor in an executive level position, the need for early retirement after some physical health challenges was imminent. Since working with Monica and implementing her 108 Method daily, I am stronger in physical, mental and spiritual ways thanks to starting my days with a positive word. My whole outlook on life and overall strength has improved which has rippled out into my love of photography and life itself.” 


“Practicing the 108 method during my work with Monica has reminded me how to set myself free from my ego to have truly meaningful connections with others. I’ve especially found solace in this philosophy when having disagreements with my spouse. I’ve found that, when I let go of my ego’s need to be right, having conversations through love rather than opinions or facts, there is more common ground between us than there are differences. We are able to recognize our common goal as a team rather than two opposing forces.”

– Megan

“He who is begun has half done. Dare to be wise; begin.”

– Horace, Ancient Roman poet