How to Find Your Soulmate in 2021 in Your 50’s

by Monica Fernandi | April 2021

how to find your soulmate in 2021
How to find Your Soulmate in 2021

5 EASY Steps to Find Your Next Soulmate in 2021 in Your 50’s

Ready to Find Your Soulmate?

It is here; the second half of your life and you are ready to find a whole new set of life experiences, right?

First of all, let me just say that the mid-life “crisis” can ultimately be a mid-life adventure full of ecstasy and more fun than you could imagine. Truly, the 50’s have gotten a bad rap and until you are there, you will just have to imagine as I paint you a picture to whet your appetite:

50- I did my first ever pull-up simply because I was determined and didn’t care if I failed.

50- Ran my first 5k and came in 1st in my age range

50- Attracted 4-5 younger males unexpectedly

50- Learned how to FINALLY listen to my gut

What Your Next Part of Life Teaches You

There is something about the second half of life that opens the door to a wiser you. You know what it is, don’t you? I’ll give you a clue: it’s probably why the word “crisis” was involved.

Give up? I believe the closer we get to our end of life, the more passion kicks in and the carefree self can fly. You have two choices, really. First, accept it and love it like it’s a re-birth. OR, second, fear it and wallow in the fear. No thank you!

 So, beautiful soul, I gather you are reading this because you are in that age range, perhaps even a real-live “baby-boomer” like me? And if you are, plus desiring your next soulmate, well the 5 easy steps do begin with YOU:

                    1. Know how to trust your gut.

 The courage to listen to those gut feelings takes a trust you may not have had before. Your body is smarter than your doctor, your ex, or your mother ever was. Once you listen to your gut, those other people may be able to concur but YOU have to be the willing one to initiate the gut listening. If that gut of yours is telling you to go after that man, listen to it. If it tells you to get out of that toxic relationship, heed that feeling as well. The truth is, if you do NOT listen to your gut, your body will feel worse and this deep messaging that is trying hard to get your attention, will eventually win at this- but it won’t feel great so listen to the early messages and see what that is about, then take action. Which leads me to the next step..

 2. Speak out. Be heard.

Once you listen to your gut feelings it is time to take action and let your voice express and articulate your results. This may not make others happy but it is not about them, it is about you. If you like someone, tell them. If you do not like the way someone is treating you, tell them. So often we women hold back for fear of what others will think. You can be clear on your heart expressions because they are your very own heart expressions No one else is responsible for your happiness but YOU! So be bold, be brave and be free to speak your heart.

3. Fall in love with your soul.

In order to attract any love in your life you must first love yourself. I don’t mean the ego, bragging self, but rather I refer to your higher self. The one you see when you look, really look, into the mirror and see your eyes without judgement. You are a unique being in there and you were born for a purpose. The life you were born into and the heart that drives it has the ability to touch many lives, simply because you are you! But until you can appreciate that depth of love, another love may come and go because you weren’t ready to connect at this level. This is a level that sees beyond flaws and loves unconditionally, without trying to manipulate, change or berate another. Love, true love, helps another soul evolve, flourish and even dance while here in this human being story!

4. Accept the amazing body as it is

This one is a tough one, especially for our western culture that is surrounded by advertisements and social media of seemingly flawless skin, shapes and facial features. Some 50 year olds are in better physical shape than some 30 or 40 year olds but the fact is, we know the body does change over time. New flash: You have an amazing story that got you to this point of your life, bumps, babies,  bruises, veins et al. The ability to be grateful for all your body has done, all the places you’ve walked, all the tasks you’ve accomplished can ultimately reinvent the wheel and give you confidence altogether stronger than that of a 30 year old. Like a fine bottle of wine, you get better with age! So stand up tall and own your magnificence. When you walk into a room like that, eyes will undoubtedly turn and your next soulmate will be magnetized to you.

      5. Write down 5-10 of your BEST qualities 

Ok, it’s time to be creative and also be real. Just like when you are interviewed at a job, have an awareness of your best character traits so that when a conversation presents itself, you are solid in your amazing traits! The secret to this is the law of attraction: what you think about expands, so if you think you aren’t good enough or ready yet, this will show up. If you think you are ______, fill in the blank (something negative), your energy will exude this as well. Stand tall. Be brave. Be bold. And be YOU!

How to Find Your Soulmate in 2021

The soulmate attraction varies in intensity and also throughout the course of your life. Continue to own your story and remember you can re-write the chapter or turn the page when you are ready to do so. Co-create with fate but trust the ability to cultivate these 5 steps into your journey and watch how amazing your life will be a year from now. Because there are many ways to go looking for your soulmate, but if you don’t open your mind then none of these would help. If you need someone to keep you accountable and to remind you of your infinite possibilities to love and be loved always and in all ways, hop on a call with me and let’s see if The Awakened Soulmate coaching program is a good fit for you! Your sexy and beautiful soul awaits.



how to find your soulmate in 2021 quotes
Here’s How to Find Your Soulmate in 2021 in your 50’s


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