In this post, we dive into how to attract your soulmate using the law of attraction, also known as manifestation. If you’ve been searching for your soulmate, now is the time to re-awaken your mind and use the law of attraction to get the person you’ve been dreaming of.

The “0” of 108: Believe It

How to Attract Your Soulmate Using Manifestation and the Law of Attraction?


how to attraction your soulmate using the law of attraction quotes
How to Attract Your Soulmate Using Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Wondering how to finally attract your soulmate using the law of attraction (or manifestation)?

Believe it. Mindfulness is key. And mindfulness can come from a place of gratitude and manifestation. Whereas, fear and anxiety can come from a place of scarcity.

What if I told you there that you have everything you need right now, how would that make you feel? Doubtful? Anxious? At ease?  The constant chase we all get involved in whether to find a mate or to keep our bills paid daily has us feeling like a hamster spinning a wheel, right? It seems like it’s part of life when instead we all hold common beliefs about life that are, in fact, holding us down.

But did you know that just a simple mindset switch can have you leaving fear and instead focusing on attraction, manifestation and finally attracting the soulmate you’ve been waiting for?

What Would You Do?

What if you found out your life is coming to an end within 6 months to a year? Feeling scared, anxious, not at ease? What is on your “bucket list” that needs a jolt to complete? What are you waiting for to make your life  happen? Asking yourself this question can bring clarity and you might find yourself suddenly wanting to attract your soul mate more than ever before.

Your Common Beliefs About Life Are Just That

First of all, you must choose whether to believe what I said in the first paragraph is true. Secondly, letting all the feelings flow through you based on the belief is necessary to move to the next step of taking action-acceptance.

The thoughts in your mind create your reality. If you THINK you need to have a soulmate and you don’t, your emotions and your actions will reflect that and you will do your darnedest to make it a reality. So it is important to to make sure you believe that you not only have a soulmate, but that you believe that you can attract and find your soulmate. Using manifestation and the law of attraction can help you make that a reality.

Don’t Get in Your Own Way of Finding Your SoulMate

If you THINK you need to be a certain way in order to have success in love, financials or life itself, your emotions will go into overdrive if we are NOT where we think we should be. 

Therefore, you must let go of what you believe you need or should be. Instead, focus on all the great things about you that already are in existence. Using this manifestation-mindfulness will help you open up the law of attraction. This is important because when you begin to align yourself to a higher and more positive frequency, then you begin to attract positive things such as attracting your soulmate.

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is Real

What you think about, your beliefs, expands. It is the law of the cosmos, of the universe, of attraction. Your beliefs are not unique. We all struggle against self-limiting thoughts, that is why they are called common beliefs. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick with them. You can change and open your mind so that you can attract your soulmate, using the law of attraction to help you there.

“The relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we will have with others, and this is why self-love is the key to creating loving and fulfilling relationships.” – (Yogi Approved)

Let Manifestation (the Law of Attraction) Be Your Guide, I Can Help

In our work together we review your current belief systems and dive into retraining your thoughts in order to reach the goals your soul came here to do. Together, we can shift your mindset so that you firmly believe that you can attract your soulmate using manifestation and the law attraction. If you’re serious to make this year the year you find your soulmate, it’s time to take action. Click here to being your journey with me.

Change your thoughts from common beliefs about living your life, to unique and life-giving thoughts instead. It can change everything!

Have faith-it WILL happen!




how to attract your soulmate law of attraction

by Monica Fernandi | October 2020


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