Have you been thinking about losing weight for a long, long time but still haven’t?

Have you thought about what it would be like “someday” when you finally have that dream job, house or marriage?

Procrastination is common and the #1 reason dreams don’t come true. Not just dream jobs, house or marriage, but dream goals beyond your wildest imagination.

Make Change Happen

Hello and Welcome to your amazing and infinite possibilities ahead with your online course that will help you

  • Stop Procrastination
  • Face your fears
  • Dive in to your soul’s purpose

Isn’t it time you wake up to true joy and feel IN LOVE with your life?

I’m your host, Coach Monica, creator of The Awakened Soulmate coaching program and I believe you are ready to open your eyes to your full potential-your soul is calling. It’s time to answer so that you come alive fully with each of your days here, each of your relationships here and each of your breaths you have left to take.

Let’s change the world, together, Beautiful Soul Mate.

It begins with this life changing course.

 It starts here and now so that in this moment you CHOOSE to live your life fully and make those goals a reality.

“This course helped me practice positive thinking daily and changed my life for the better. I especially loved the details in the video about vision boarding! Making my goals and dreams a reality.”


You can begin today to change your life for the better. Here’s what you get from this course:

Six modules, delivered to your inbox every three days for you to receive and view at your pace. You are never behind; there is no deadline. You receive lifetime access!

Oh, and did I mention that PDF worksheets come with each module?

And here’s the best part… right now this course is available at just $197!

This course was amazing! Monica offers her experience and insight to help you look within and make the changes that are needed so that you can blossom and be “the beautiful you” as she likes to say. She helps you do the soul searching as you sort  through the muck and junk you may not have realized  block your best you yet. To love you again is a great result! This course is for your personal and professional life.  You can apply it wherever you want. 


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“This course keeps me accountable and reminds me to keep following my dreams. Each module makes me aware of my aspirations and empowers me to take the next steps.


“When I began working with Monica 7 years ago I had no idea the depth of growth I would find using her 108 methodology. The wholeness I have found has brought peace and tranquillity in those times I felt down or overcome with negative thoughts. The 108 practice has helped me strengthen myself by smoothing any rough edges in my thoughts. I have learned to be more open and accepting of what is, therefore increasing my overall wellness at a deeper level” – Kathi

 “After a trip out to Sedona, Arizona for a spiritual retreat, I found Monica and began to connect the dots between physical, mental and emotional health. As a government contractor in an executive level position, the need for early retirement after some physical health challenges was imminent. Since working with Monica and implementing her 108 Method daily, I am stronger in physical, mental and spiritual ways thanks to starting my days with a positive word. My whole outlook on life and overall strength has improved which has rippled out into my love of photography and life itself.”  -Beth

“Practicing the 108 method during my work with Monica has reminded me how to set myself free from my ego to have truly meaningful connections with others. I’ve especially found solace in this philosophy when having disagreements with my spouse. I’ve found that, when I let go of my ego’s need to be right, having conversations through love rather than opinions or facts, there is
more common ground between us than there are differences. We are able to recognize our
common goal as a team rather than two opposing forces.” – Megan

“I really enjoyed coaching with Monica! She is a breath of fresh air who encouraged me to go deeper in evaluating my soul and my heart’s desire. The homework was thought provoking and goal oriented. She focused on what I wanted to accomplish and helped me to also pay attention to what my body was experiencing and telling me. I would definitely recommend investing in yourself with Monica as your life coach!”