What if there was a better way?

Do you feel like life won’t let up and every turn you take you find confusion, uncertainty and unwanted change? What if it was possible to feel peace even amidst the chaos? What if you didn’t have to wait for “time to pass” or “things to get better”? What if you could choose calm right now?

Learning to release those feelings that weigh heavy on your heart takes a willingness to want to let go. Yes, time is your friend, but you are about to meet a new friend:

The 108 Method

 When you apply The 108 Methodology presented to you in this book you will be guided to:

  • Eliminate the habit of anxiety
  • Conquer the fears the instant they arise.
  • Uncomplicate life & enjoy the simplicity of every moment.
  • Exercise control over your happiness and feel at peace

 Infinite possibilities await. The 108 Method will get you spiritually fit.

The anxiety, the worries, the fear of the “what if’s”  will stop one moment  at a time when you begin to apply The 108 Method – the simple 3 step way to transform your whole life.

Open Your Presence right now, and live a life abundant in peace, love, and bliss even if you feel overwhelmed by confusion, a heavy heart or loss. The gift is in your hands.  Shift your mindset and conquer your life’s mountains one step and one breath at a time.

Author Monica Fernandi is a life coach, yoga instructor, and the founder of The Awakened Soulmate coaching program. For 20 years she has helped thousands of people of all ages walk their authentic path by accepting who they are in the moment and helping them see their true potential. The 108 Method came to her to overcome her own traumas and life difficulties, and today she continues to empower many other souls across the globe.