The Roundtable Experience

What if there was a clear path ahead?

What if you knew what you
will do today so that your week ahead
is extraordinary and productive?

What if you were




to be free with your voice, encouraged to speak your heart  and feel lighter now?

“Doubt can only be removed by taking action.”


Long ago I had lots of doubt:

  • That I could make it on my own,
  • That I could move out of toxic relationship,
  • That I could not only survive some of life’s hard stuff but THRIVE.

I took action eventually, but if I had the support that The Roundtable gives you, the feelings of confidence, respect, and appreciation would have happened so much sooner. That’s why I created this unique coaching brand so that you can feel empowered starting TODAY.

Divorce, heart ache, loss can really knock the wind out of your sails. But you can direct that rudder and soar up and over rough seas. I created tools that helped me keep my head above water and I share them with my clients in a safe and loving, unique and supportive way.

It’s time for you to bring about smooth sailing in your love life, your career, your finances, isn’t it? I cannot wait to watch you transform!

Take action on your life. Your heart will dance again!


This is what you will get when you join this one of a kind empowerment circle:

Transformation takes time and dedication- YOU are worth it!

Life Coaching at the affordable rate of just $97/month!!

  • Coaching for your thoughts, feelings and actions in your life
  • A small group of women to support each other in all things challenging
  • An hour of creative and personal reflection on different themes each month
  • 2 virtual  meetings monthly and email accessibility anytime
  • Guaranteed transformation when you commit to yourself for 3 months
  • The feeling of freedom from the chaos in your mind right now
  • Equal opportunity to speak, be seen and be heard.
  • Unconditional love and support!