The Ultimate Dating Plan for Souls Over 40

(Because time is precious & so are you!)

by Monica Fernandi | July 2021

Do you want to finally feel authentic and open to relate without feeling judged, unwanted, or passed by? Get ready to connect to another being at a level you never thought you could reach…

In these 5 steps you will have your personal recipe for success when it comes to dating in today’s world/post-pandemic and fully alive! Buckle up… here we go! 


1. BE the sensual being that you are. Your ability to see, hear, smell touch, and taste are often taken for granted. Before you date next, wake up to these senses in you, that is if they are all properly functioning, in you every day life as if you just discovered them for the first time. Then, when you are in the presence of your date, give your undivided attention to each sense:

**Really look

**Really listen

**Really touch

**Really breathe and smell

**BE with the taste buds when eating a meal together or kissing another

 2. Once your senses awaken, now it’s time to invest in them while holding a simple conversation. So often our mind wanders when instead our listening skills need attention. The thoughts in your head can wait so that you senses become enhanced, one conversation at a time. Try this Waiting Game: When your date speaks, just look and listen to their words without judging. Then wait before responding. Breathe. Even count to 5. This will give so much richness to your time together. 

 3. Depending on your physical attraction towards this person, you may notice the body reacting to your emotions. If you find your palms sweaty or a lump in your throat, pay attention to these signs and notice when it is happening. Your thoughts create your feelings which then leads to taking actions, sometimes involuntary. The energy within you cannot be hidden and yet there is a chance your thoughts fuel these visceral reactions. Try staying present and simply breathing instead of jumping ahead.

 4. Whether on a first date or early on in your connection with this person, the need to feel to be heard and seen can often wreak havoc on continuing the dating adventure. Of course it’s nice to be told you look nice or, “I love your outfit,” however it’s your ego that wants that food to devour, not your soul. Go in knowing you look nice and have on a beautiful outfit rather than needing to be stroked. Then, initiate what it is your ego wants to hear, but without expectation. Plant the seed and it will grow eventually. If not, you may have to look deeper into your expectations.

5. Lastly, dating is a chance to know another more but to also know yourself. A confident and courageous person can attract a like minded soul. You are clear on what it is you want because you have done the work on yourself. There are amazing people out there that can walk tall along side you, simply because you are already feeling empowered. Note: empowered, not egotistical. Your ability to attract another so that they keep wanting to be in your presence starts with you deciding you are already enough, with or without that next date. Allow the natural course of action to play out because you are your natural and authentic you. You are a one-of-a-kind-you! The dates ahead will remind you of that and it’s ok if the dates end; there are more dates ahead, even with your own beautiful soul!


How to Find Your Soulmate in 2021

The soulmate attraction varies in intensity and also throughout the course of your life. Continue to own your story and remember you can re-write the chapter or turn the page when you are ready to do so. Co-create with fate but trust the ability to cultivate these 5 steps into your journey and watch how amazing your life will be a year from now. Because there are many ways to go looking for your soulmate, but if you don’t open your mind then none of these would help. If you need someone to keep you accountable and to remind you of your infinite possibilities to love and be loved always and in all ways, hop on a call with me and let’s see if The Awakened Soulmate coaching program is a good fit for you! Your sexy and beautiful soul awaits.






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