Trusting Your Intuition in a Relationshoip: Death, Divorce, Moving, Oh and Yes, a Pandemic

by Monica Fernandi | April 2020

trusting your intuition in a relationship
Trusting Your Intuition in a Relationship

Death, Divorce, Moving… Oh and Yes, a Pandemic

There comes a time in life that we may feel alone as we deal with a hardship that perhaps others have encountered at some point in life . A time when it seemed as though we were at a lowest of lows and just did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Add on top of that, the confusion of relationships and love and it can feel overwhelming. But here is a little secret, you can trust your intuition in relationships.  It’s possible.

Relationships, Like All Life, Can Change

As I write this we are all faced with a never before seen pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. This has halted life as we know it globally. We, as a species, are mourning our normalcy and learning how to adapt all while keeping our distance from each other for fear of spreading this virus. No one is exempt from this one. 

Suddenly many of life’s hardships that we thought we couldn’t get through at the time, have been put in perspective:

 We all face death at some point but now it is brought closer to us as a result of possibly contracting this virus. 

Many of us may have dealt with moving which can be stressful, exciting, yet difficult all at the same time. Quite frankly, once we adapt to the new location we may learn to appreciate the change.  

And finally, divorce. Many have been exposed to this emotionally raw and often debilitating occurrence. An end to one part of your story, yet there is a new chapter waiting to be written. And it appears that many people are finding new ways to see their relationships or themselves; with many articles trying to dive into introspection. But instead of listing out the easy-to-check list of what you think you need or want, you might want to try listening to a much more powerful and authentic voice.

All of these can change you for the better once you get through the mud, so to speak. After all, that which does not kill you makes you stronger, right?

The Power of Your Intuition

 One must have faith to understand life gives us many opportunities to persevere and rise above its challenges. There is a certain unseen knowing, call it intuition, or your sixth sense, that can calm you while in the heat of difficulty. The power of intention, the power of prayer, the realm of collective consciousness are all deeper avenues that we must take at this time of global crisis.

Now, more than ever, we must tap into these tools that can help us face what could be a chaotic explosion of anxiety and fear. With all of these challenges, fear is the common connection between us since many of the unknowns can lead us to be afraid. 

But I propose we pivot these connections with love. 

Trusting Your Intuition In Relationships

As a yoga teacher for many years I have directed my students to tap into a mindset rooted in unconditional love. This simple shift can and will change your life for the better. It’s time to trust the intuition, higher powers that be, your sixth sense to know we will all pull through together.

Now as an on-line and virtual coach I am guiding women, specifically, to use these empowering ways to face life post-divorce. Reminding them that the depth at which they felt alone, unloved and afraid of what the future holds can be turned around with the willingness to look at life from a different perspective. They may have felt a big fall, emotionally, but with determination to get back up they strengthen their heart, their soul, their life. Now stronger both inside and out.

It’s time for us all to be stronger both inside and out once we push through this pandemic. Like all life challenges, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. We must do the inner work necessary to remain empowered in love, not fear.

I am here as your coach, and I can help you take the first step.

Know that this, too, shall pass. 


trusting your intuition in a relationship quotes
Trusting your intuition in a relationship?

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  1. Donald Gallehr

    This is so wise and compassionate! Yes, we all deal with the hear-breaking that the death of loved ones brings us. Learning to experience this and then let it go is one of the greatest challenges we face.


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